What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a company offering you to partner the brands they promote and to pay you a referral for any new paying customer you bring.

What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is a company/person that decides to promote brands not originally related to its/his business and to direct paying customers in exchange for a commission. In our case, we are talking primarily of websites owners promoting our brands on their websites, it also can be mailing, paid traffic, etc.

How does this Work?

Once the affiliate has signed up to the program, he will be given specific link/trackers to identify all passing traffic. When a paying customer registers through this link/tracker, it will be counted on the affiliate’s account and a referral commission will be paid.

What is the cost of joining?

Nothing! Joining our affiliate program is completely free of charge.

What is the procedure when joining?

Once you have actually signed up on web site program, you will be contacted by an affiliate manager. He will provide you with the relevant marketing material depending on your promotional tools. You will set up the commission plan as well. He will give you all the support needed and will be for the future partnership your direct contact for any issues you may have.

How do I follow my work/ traffic to your brands?

When signed up you will discover your backend with all available stats possible. Do not hesitate to ask your affiliate manager if you doubt about how to use your backend. Feel free to explore all features offered and make yourself at ease with such user-friendly tools. You will be able to see how much is owed to you and to track campaigns.

What commission plans do you offer?

AffAlliance is mostly working on Revenue share deals (rev. share) and Cost Per Acquisition deal (CPA). A deal will be set between you and your affiliate manager before starting the deal. The rate for RevShare or CPA will be discussed as well.

What are your payment methods?

AffAlliance offers various ways to pay your commissions at the beginning of each month via Wire transfer and Bitcoin. Please, be aware that payment is processed only upon affiliate’s request and sending fees. We will need invoices in order to send you the money. Your affiliate manager is available to assist you further with that.

How often am I paid?

AffAlliance will be paying commissions on request only, from affiliates, within the first 10 working days of each month.

Do you have a negative carry over?

At AffAlliance we do not have a negative carry over. If you ended the month on a negative commission, it will not carry into the following month. Bear in mind, we do apply bundling, i.e., all the brands will be taken as one revenue.

On what devices are your brands available?

Our brands are fully compatible with most used devices. On PC, you can choose download or instant play version; they are available on Mac and also on the latest mobile and tablet devices. So feel free to advertise us on all possible support.

Does AffAlliance assign cookies to all referrals?

Yes, all your referrals will be assigned cookies. Please refer to your affiliate manager to receive the correct link/tracker.

I need special/tailor-made marketing material. How do I get it?

If you need an exclusive bonus, landing pages, special size banners, different mailers, or whatever it could be, we will provide it for you (within the limit of our abilities). Again your affiliate manager will be the one to speak to.

What languages are available for your brands?

Currently, our brands are available in English and French. Our support team will provide those languages, English and French to your traffic.

Do you accept traffic from everywhere?

AffAlliance will accept traffic/paying customers from every location worldwide as long as they are happy with the languages provided. There are some exceptions which are as follows: paying customers who work with RTG brands from Israel, Russian Federation, Poland, India, Ukraine, Hungary, Belarus, Malaysia, China, Romania, and Costa Rica; paying customers who work with Rival brands from the countries stated above + Canada. If any addition to this list, we will inform all our affiliates at once.

How can I run several different campaigns?

You will have to set a different name in your backend for your campaigns, and then create new trackers for each. The process is quite simple. If you have any doubts, please send your entire requirement to your affiliate manager, and he will set it up for you in no time.

If you couldn't find an answer to your question, please contact us by email at [email protected].